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From business presentations to brand promotions, there is no better way to convey your message other than videos. We know what it takes to successfully produce, distribute, market, and optimize videos and we offer the best services of Video Marketing for all your promotions, video publishing, social media and other related objectives.

With Video Marketing we help you

To generate videos for different platforms –
According to Cisco, 67 per cent of the user traffic on the internet is derived through video content, out of which 60 per cent of the entire mobile traffic is garnered by online videos, as reported by Bytemobile Analytics Report. Thus, we help you to place and invest into videos at the correct place by tapping consumers through every channel (mobile, website, social media, ad banners, promotional campaign and more).

To recall users about the brand –
With 92 per cent of mobile video viewers sharing video content on FB, videos top the list of the most shared content and are able to mark an impression on the viewer’s mind for a long time (as reported by Invodo). The Online Publishers Association states that 80 per cent of the overall Internet users may remember a video advertisement they saw on a website they visited in the last 30 days, out of which 46 per cent take the ad viewing to the next level by clicking/taking action on the same. This makes video promotion 6 times more result-oriented as compared to print or online activities. We help you to encapsulate various trends in the form of videos and further lay out shareable video to keep your brand’s followers updated and interested.

To attain great search rankings –
According to Econsultancy, 55 percent and more Internet users stream online videos on a regular basis. With brand channels being the immediate sources for half of the user ratio, 54 per cent of them redirected to the brand website further. This not only highlights that videos have a higher click-through rate as compared to the plain-text promotions, but also ends up expanding organic clicks for the brand and fetching a higher ranking. Right from the Youtube visitors to average Internet users, we help you attain more and more traffic through each and every possible channel, where video plays a vital role.

To emphasize on engagement –
As stated by Comscore study, all the website visitors stay on a website page for two minutes on an average when they watch a video there, as well as SEOMOZ states that video posts on social media channels attract three times more incoming clicks as compared to textual posts. We help you serve your viewers with the best quality and engaging videos that serves as a link to the brand’s digital pages and the user’s requirements.

To increase the click rates –
According to Forrester and Experian, with the inclusion of videos in mailers, brands have witnessed a 200-300 per cent increase in their click through rate and attesting ‘video’ in their subject line has fetched 7-13 per cent increase in the mail-open rates. Also, brand emails containing video links have fetched a 5.6 per cent higher open rate and 96.38 per cent higher click-through rate as compared to the emails without video links (stated by Eloqua). This highlights the essential nature of need of videos to increase the conversion rates, which we help the brand to incorporate in their promotional activities.